May 09, 2013
Thursday, May 09, 2013

GifCam-The Easiest Way to Capture Screen Video In .GIF Format or to Create Animated GIFs..

                          GifCam is easy and fun animated gif making app.GifCam has a nice idea where the app works like a camera that stays on top of all windows so you can move it and resize it to record your desired area.
                        Quickly make an animated GIF of anything. GifCam is a free, portable app for Windows that provides you with a simple frame. Re size and position it, then hit record – everything that happens within that frame will be recorded. It’s the easiest way to create your own GIF of just about anything — from desktop demonstrations to clips from any video, online or off. If you love creating GIFs, but wish the process was quicker, you need to check this app out.
                          The animated GIF just might be older than you – it’s been around since 1987, and really took off in the early days of the web. It declined at the end of the 90′s, and to some it’s an obsolete way to show animations online – but you wouldn’t know that to look at the web today. Animated GIFs are everywhere. From the endless scrolling of Tumblr to reaction shots on Reddit, GIFs are probably seen by more humans today than any point in their history.

How to Make GIFs in Easy Way..

  • GifCam looks like any other window – except you can see through it. Think of the window as the frame of your virtual video camera – one you can resize and move however you like.

  • You can use this to record just about anything. Your favorite YouTube video. Or To preview the Animated Demo of your Work ..Like below I am Previewing the "Animated Metro UI Drop Down Menu" created by Me..which is my Previous Post of this Blog..

  • Just Download this GifCam Software From Link which is given at the End of this post and Run the App...
  • Then Adjust the Size of Recording Area by Resizing the Window of APP..
  • Then Click on "Rec" .which will start Recording the frames..
  • As your Recording is done!! Click on Stop..
  • Then Click on Save..
  • That's it  ..Done!!!


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  1. I really like this simple to capture screen video in .gif format. I will definitely consider this method in my working activity. event planning apps for android

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  3. Rapidly make an enlivened GIF of anything. GifCam is a free, convenient application for Windows that furnishes you with a basic casing. Re size and position it, then hit record – everything that happens inside of that casing will be recorded. It's the most straightforward approach to make your own particular GIF of pretty much anything — from desktop exhibits to cuts from any video, online or off. I mostly stayed online because of a recommendation from my friend 70-410 certification and i made so many GIF s during that preparation.In the event that you adore making GIF s, however wish the procedure was snappier, you have to look at this applicant.


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